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December European Council - First for Donald Tusk

December European Council - First for Donald Tusk

On December 18-19 will take place the final EU summit - the December European Council. Usually, at this summit the leaders of the member states make a summary of the past year and outline their plans for the coming year. What makes this December European Council special is that it will be the first for the second in EU's history president of the European Council - Donald Tusk, who took over from Herman Van Rompuy on 1 December. Apart from that, this summit is taking place in a very complicated geopolitical situation. The main topics on the agenda are the creation of an energy union, for which an historic opportunity has opened recently, the change of approach for Bosnia and Herzegovina, the economic situation in the EU and the euro area in particular. This year's December European Council will be "first" also for Bulgaria's Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, who was elected for a second time earlier this year.
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What To Do with the Extreme Wrongs?

One of the greatest challenges for the EU in the coming years will not be the economy, although it is involved. Not even the geopolitical problems. The biggest challenge are the eurosceptic parties as a very general name. This was only hinted about during the European elections in May last ...
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Old Secret Police Still Active in Post-Communist Countries

The transition from totalitarianism/communism to democracy and market economy is not a straight line; the most unreformed countries are also the poorest; the old secret services are still a factor in the political life of many of the former communist countries; reforms are reversible. These are ...
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Juncker Left the EU Summit with an Empty Christmas Sack

The traditional December EU summit set a record of the shortest one in history. It lasted only a few hours and ended with conclusions of only 2-3 pages. Usually, in end-December, the leaders of the member states gather together in Brussels to make a review of the past year and to set/confirm the ...
Boyko Borisov | © Council of the EUBoyko Borisov | © Council of the EU

Bulgaria Is Ready to Participate in Juncker's Investment Fund with Own Money

Bulgaria will participate with money in the future investment fund of the EU but this will be the money allocated to Bulgaria in the common European budget. This is what Bulgaria's Prime Minister Boyko Borissov told journalists before the beginning of the EU summit in Brussels a major part of wh ...
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Bulgaria Does Not See Russia as a Strategic Problem

One of the main issues at today's EU summit will be Russia. The new European Council President Donald Tusk will seek a consensus between the prime ministers and presidents of the 28 member states on a new strategy on Russia, built on the foundation of a modern, stable, independent Ukraine, as we ...
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Donald Tusk Offers a European Council Diet

The first European Council of the new chief of this format, Donald Tusk, is expected to mark the beginning of a radically different practise. Instead of continuous sessions, often ending in the early hours of the next day, the former prime minister of Poland wants brief and ending before midnigh ...