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USA 2012: Time for Elections

USA 2012: Time for Elections

“America is looking for a populist,” is the conclusion of a survey describing American voters' sentiment less than a year prior the presidential elections, according to NBC News/Wall Street Journal. The poll says that 76% of respondents think that the present economic structure of the country is “out of balance,” serving mostly the rich and not the majority of people. More that half of all interviewed – a 53% - agree that the national debt should be curbed by cutting spending and the size of government. Interestingly enough, 40% of surveyed say that the economic system is unfair but also think that the government should be downgraded, which reveals both leftist and rightist sentiments.

Indicative for the electorate’s bad mood is that half of the poll’s participants identify with the Occupy Wall Street movement and the other half - with the so called Tea Party movement, which sporadically protests against Obama’s government and his politics of stimulating the economy by using the federal budget; 4% of all respondents sympathise with both initiatives simultaneously.

Who will the Americans choose – a Republican or a Democrat? There is no other alternative for the moment; the present resident of the White House is blamed for all USA problems, both from the Republicans - for spending the budget - and his fellow Democrats - for failing short of Americans’ expectations to firmly subdue Wall Street and the banks. One thing is for sure - America is angry and is desperately seeking for a candidate-populist, who will answer its hopes for social justice and at the same time save the US from the economic crisis. In this subject euinside will follow the complicated US electoral process until a new President is elected on November 6, 2012.

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