Cause and Effect in European Politics and Law
#EP2014: For More or Less Europe

#EP2014: For More or Less Europe

How will the balance of power change in the European Parliament? Who will become president of the European Commission? For a looser or a more integrated Union will the citizens vote in the European elections, which will take place in all the 28 member states on May 22-25? Those are the main questions we will be seeking answers to in this subject. Hashtag on Twitter #EP2014
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The Wrong Battle for the European Commission

Both the European Council and the Parliament have gone too far. The saga with the election of the next European Commission chief has revealed quite a ridiculous power bickering between the Council and the European Parliament, as both sides are twisting the hands of each other. Everything st ...
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We Apologise, Dear Readers, But We Can't

The European elections have ended and euinside has already done its first analyses. We did for Croatia as well, one of the two places we cover directly. However, this has proved a mission impossible for the voting in Bulgaria. The problem is that euinside has two audiences - Bulgarian and the mu ...
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Why Is Merkel Growingly Standing Behind Jean-Claude Juncker?

Before the beginning of the EU summit on May 27th, when the outcome of the European elections on May 22-25 was discussed, German Chancellor Angela Merkel answered the question whether she will back the EPP nomination for European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker or she would succumb to Briti ...
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Is It Time for a Frexit?

In the peak of the eurozone crisis often the word grexit (Greece+exit) could be heard. The word emerged when the revelations about the real condition of the Greek economy became so many and so hard to comprehend that many analysts believed that it would be easier Greece to survive an exit of the ...
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EU Is Looking for a Button for Its Overcoat

Instead of the opposite - the button to be looking for an overcoat, the leaders of the EU member states ruled that a button will be sought for an overcoat that is yet to be sewn. This is a relatively precise summary of the outcome of the informal dinner of the heads of state or government of the ...
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#EP2014: Two Parallel Worlds

The European Parliament elections this year, for the first time, moved in two speeds. One was the traditional national campaigns and the other was the common European election campaign. The overlap between the two speeds was small and sporadic which, again, revealed the big controversy of t ...
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Guy Verhofstadt Promotes Internet Union - Less Cows and More Internet

Lately, in the EU, there is a very strong fashion trend - the more the desire for deepening of the integration is weakening, the more ideas emerge for "unioning". In this way, while the last negotiations on the establishment of the banking union were going on, because of the crisis in Ukraine Po ...
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A European Union of Zombies

There is no doubt that what awaits the EU and the member states after the European elections in the end of May this year will be a huge test for the Union's system of values. In the best case scenario, what awaits the Union will neither be more nor less Europe but rather more sobering and pragma ...
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Vision, Experience, Idealism or Youth?

April 28th, 2014, was a historic day. The European democracy was born on that day. In the evening of the 28th, the first debate took place [the attached video] between the candidates of the big European political families for the post of European Commission president. The debate was broadca ...
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What Message Did Jean-Claude Juncker Convey in Bulgaria?

Two of the key candidates for the European Commission President post sought support in Bulgaria one after another. First, on Friday [April 25], in the country arrived Martin Schulz, the candidate of the Party of European Socialists, as a special guest for the opening of the campaign of the Bulga ...
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Ideological Battle between European Commission President Candidates

Contrary to the lack of ideology on the Bulgarian political stage, the European political parties are competing on purely ideological grounds in the campaign for the European elections in May, as this is mostly visible in the battle for the presidential position in the European Commission. ...
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A Clash between National and European in the European Elections

For the first time in the EU, you will hear, we have a broad choice. We can vote for a specific candidate for the post of the European Commission president, not only for members of the European Parliament. The candidates of the biggest political families in Europe were selected in the American s ...