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Will Yurukov and Radonov be expelled today?

Adelina Marini, May 4, 2009

The National Council of the UDF (the Union of the democratic forces) will be reflecting today on whether the de jure leader of the party Plamen Yurukov and the former secretary general of the party Plamen Radonov should be expelled. According to a message, sent to the "Focus" news agency Radonov claims that the convention of the National Council is in violation of the internal party regulation because the sessions can be convened by the legitimate leader only. "Each session and decision in breach of this procedure would be in violation of the regulation and will not enter into force". "The attempts for passing censure on the judicial legitimacy of the UDF are directed to make the UDF dependant on other's party registrations", says Radonov in his message.

According to the results of the internal party elections though, the members of the UDF, with a majority, have elected Martin Dimitrov as a leader of the party and Ivan Sotirov as a secretary general. But the new leadership is still not registered by the City court of Sofia.