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The president should appoint new members of the CEC, asked the Blue coalition

Adelina Marini, June 1, 2009

The co-founders of the Blue coalition Martin Dimitrov and Ivan Kostov met with the president Gheorghi Parvanov to give him a note for the violations the Central Electoral Committee (CEC) has done around the attempts of the Blue coalition to register for the European and National elections. Beside this Dimitrov and Kostov proposed the president to fire those members of the CEC that have compromised the president's will as impartial arbiter of the elections.

But the only mechanism for withdrawing people from the CEC is when the political party that has proposed them makes a new proposal, explained the president. He reminded that he is not a supervisor of the CEC. He just signs the decree for the appointment of its members who are proposed by the political forces represented in Parliament. He has also estimated as "worrying" the tendency inter-party problems to be solved by pushing independent institutions and bodies. Mr. Parvanov also said, according to the press release of the press centre of the Presidency, that the attempts for suggesting of possible election fraud and further contest of the results of the elections are unacceptable. "My appeal that you do not play with fire, gentlemen, leaders and politicians", Mr. Parvanov is reported to have said. He said this with relation to the letter of the Blue coalition in which they express fear that the adviser of the prime minister Azer Melikov is behind the black PR campaign against Boyko Borisov and Ivan Kostov as in the same time he is heading the company "Information services" which is responsible for vote counting.