Cause and Effect in European Politics and Law

The president to intefere, requested the Blue coalition

Adelina Marini, May 31, 2009

An urgent meeting with the president of the Republic requested the co-presidents of the Blue coalition Martin Dimitrov and Ivan Kostov in an open letter. In it they quote all violations of the Central Electoral Committee with regard to the registration of the UDF (United Democratic Forces) for the European and Parliamentary elections. In the letter they hope that the president is also concerned by the illegal pressure, exercised by members of the Committee on the president of the Supreme Administrative Court Konstantin Penchev.

Beside this, as the Central electoral Committee has chosen the company "Informatsionno obsluzhvane" (Information service), the Blue coalition express fear that the prime minister is directly involved with the campaign since his adviser is leading the company.

In conclusion both leaders write: "The behaviour of the Central Electoral Committee is a very dangerous precedent, undermining the freedom and democracy (rule of people), established for the last 20 years in the Republic. Your interference is obligatory from a moral and statesman point of view. Otherwise, as a person who appointed the members of the CEC, you become an accomplice in an attempt the principle for fair and free elections to be suppressed because it is exactly what the governing parties are trying to do through their representatives in the CEC".