Cause and Effect in European Politics and Law

This could happen in Bulgaria only

Adelina Marini, May 1, 2009

In the first non-working day of the 6-day vacation it became clear that the ex-chief secretary of the UDF Plamen Radonov has filed in the Central electoral committee the document that he did not have yesterday - the certificate from the Auditing agency for the financial situation of the party. For the Re:TV the current chief secretary Ivan Sotirov said that by 1655 yesterday when Radonov filed the registration documents for the European elections, the document wasn't there and the Documentation office at the Auditing agency works until 2 pm.

For the Bulgarian National TV the not-very-former leader of the party Plamen Yurukov said that he does what he does so that the sympathizers of the party are calm that the UDF would have a registration for the elections. The term for the registration for the elections on the 7th of June ends on the 12th of May and the Central Electoral committee will be working in spite of the long holiday. That is why it is still not clear why hurry.

In the meantime Ivan Sotirov wasn't very convincing when explaining is it possible the smooth expulsion of Yurukov and Radonov from the party by the National council of the UDF because Yurukov, de jure, is still the leader and Radonov - chief secretary.