Cause and Effect in European Politics and Law

The UDF has plan B for the elections

Adelina Marini, May 1, 2009

In case there is a breach in legislation and the UDF (the Union of the democratic forces) is registered in the Central electoral committee on behalf of the not-very-former leader Plamen Yurukov, the blue party has plans B and C. The members of the party leadership announced this at a special press conference without elaborating what exactly these plans foresee. According to the democratically elected but not judicially registered party leader Martin Dimitrov said, that yesterday's attempt to register the party in the Central electoral committee for the European elections is actually a coup because:

1. the signatures, necessary for the registration are fake

2. Yurukov had withdrawn 50,000 levs (25,000 euro) for the deposit for participation in the elections which is in violation of all rules of the party

3. He didn't present a very important document, required for the registration in the Central electoral committee and that is a certificate from the Auditing agency.

The Auditing agency doesn't have the right to issue a duplicate of the certificate because the original exists, Dimitrov added. On the 4th of May the party leadership will convene the National council of the party to discuss the expulsion of Plamen Yurukov and Plamen Radonov from the party. Martin Dimitrov believes that the number of the people that will be expelled might rise.

The blue party also announced that it has the support of all its partners in the Blue coalition and that they will ask for help the European institutions and the European People's Party.

Answering the question of euinside why the High court yesterday returned the case for the judicial registration of the party to the City court without enacting it, Martin Dimitrov explained that the motives in the High court's ruling are very clear. They rule out the ruling of the City court, accept all arguments of the UDF but because the High court couldn't examine all additional evidence, presented by the party, it decided to return the case to the City court. Dimitrov also called upon the City court to prove that there is rule of law in Bulgaria and not to delay the party registration. The term for the European elections ends on the 12th of May. By then the party should be registered or it will not be able to take part in the elections for the European Parliament.