Cause and Effect in European Politics and Law

The tremors in the UDF

Adelina Marini, May 1, 2009

The UDF (United democratic forces) will explain today what the situation in the blue party is after yesterday's attempt by the not-very-former leader Plamen Yurukov to register the party at the Central electoral committee for the upcoming European elections, in spite the fact that there are judicial ambiguities surrounding the registration of the new leadership of the party, led by Martin Dimitrov.

In mid-December the UDF organised the first in Bulgarian history internal elections. There were 6 candidates and Plamen Yurukov was not among them. The elections were made possible after Yurukov announced he was leaving the post in favour of a leader that could inspire the party. He also said that he couldn't see himself in the leadership of the party but he would keep his membership.

Surprisingly, in February Plamen Yurukov meaningfully established an Institute for modern conservatism. During the presentation of the project he blamed the leader of the DSB (Democrats for strong Bulgaria) that he was behind the process within the UDF. He had couple of times announced he was against a coalition with the DSB.

Logically yesterdays attempt for registration followed. Beside these attempts, in the very short time before the European elections, a significant role has the court. The questions is whether the court will manage to rule before the last day of the term for registration in the Central electoral committee is over.