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The Blue coalition will ask for manual count of votes

Adelina Marini, June 8, 2009

The Blue coalition again called on GERB to consider unification for the elections for the National Parliament because the results of GERB are not that good. They have e a serious victory in Sofia, but everywhere else their result is not persuasive but together with the Blue coalition they can achieve much more, the co-president of the Blue coalition Martin Dimitrov said. Last night the leader of GERB Boyko Borisov reminded that he asked the right parties for unification long before the presidential elections 2 years ago and that the hand that he offered then was still there. Asked by euinside how the Blue coalition would comment on this, Petar Moskov from the DSB (Democrats for Strong Bulgaria, a member of the Blue Coalition) said that it is perceived that GERB has the good will, the Blue coalition has it too, the only thing that is left was to see how such a unification can be realised.

Petar Moskov clarified though that he finds strange the direct approach toward GERB. "We and GERB have done our analyses. We assume that we have and they have enough skillful and competent people who can read figures and can see trends. These trends and figures, for us, require a serious conversation. That is what we say and we're waiting for an answer", concluded Moskov.

And asked by euinside about the claims of the DPS that they were very happy with the success of the Blue coalition at the elections, Petar Moskov said that he didn't know what made Dogan happy. After him the leader of the DSB, Ivan Kostov, asked that we take the matter seriously and added: "This is not a joke and this is not en emotion. This is political hypocrisy which came into Bulgarian politics with Simeon Saxecobourggotta in 2001. This is to do one thing and talk something else. This is arrogance of a man who is involved in buying and selling of votes".

The Blue coalition also added that they have doubts that DPS might have transferred votes toward NDSV and LIDER. They explained their suspicions by pointing out that everywhere where the DPS has its result diminished, the results of the NDSV and LIDER have increased. The most shocking example, according to Ivan Kostov, is the town of Shumen where the DPS lost 5,300 votes and LIDER increased from 0 to 2,600 votes and the NDSV had 1,780 and this might have happened in the last minutes before the end of the elections day.

That is why the blue parties want manual count of the votes because they fear that they might have been robbed. They were also outraged by the fact that this time there was no extension of the election day where there were waiting to cast their vote people. This time the polls closed right on time.