Cause and Effect in European Politics and Law

UDF filed a litigation in the Central electoral committee

Adelina Marini, May 6, 2009

The judicial knot around the registration of the UDF for the European elections is getting tighter now after the deputy president of the party Lyubov Panayotova and the democratically elected leader Martin Dimitrov filed a litigation in the Central electoral committee for the European elections (CECEE) in which they explain why the request for registration of the UDF, filed by Plamen Radonov, secretary general under Plamen Yurukov, is illegitimate.

Why is the case getting tougher? Because for the CECEE the following judicial facts are necessary for a party or a coalition to be registered for the elections: a certificate for the actual status of the party, i.e. who's the authorised representative, the leadership. Then a certificate from the Auditing agency for the financial status of the party, a copy of the book of rules and a deposit of 50,000 levs for participation in the elections. And it is the book of rules that is part of the problem because, the Sofia city court based its refusal to register the new UDF leadership on the book of rules. Later the Higher court ruled out against this decision and requested the city court to register the party.

According to the spokesman of the CECEE Alexander Alexandrov, the Commission is not an investigative institution and therefore it cannot make decisions regarding internal party disputes. He also explained that for the CECEE the registers are important and there Plamen Yurukov still exists as the legitimate leader of the UDF.

In their litigation Martin Dimitrov and Lyubov Panayotova also claim that Dimitrov is authorized by Plamen Yurukov to represent the party until he and his newly elected leadership is registered with the court. But last week the current secretary general Ivan Sotirov explained euinside that Yurukov has withdrawn the authorization.