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NDSV has doubled its result at the European elections

Adelina Marini, June 8, 2009

After 8 years in the ruling of Bulgaria, the NDSV (The National Movement for Stability and Progress)led a European campaign and continued to insist for the European issues even on their press conference today, devoted to the election results. The president of the election staff of the party Maria Divizieva, who is a deputy minister of the state administration, clarified that 205,145 people have supported the NDSV which is with 83,748 people more that in 2007. Thus the leader of the list of candidates and a European Commissioner Meglena Kuneva and the second in the list Antonia Parvanova will definitely become MEPs. Another question is whether Mrs.Kuneva will receive a better proposition like becoming again a Commissioner. This will become clear after 14th of July when will be the first session of the new EP at which the discussions of the composition of the European Commission will start.

Another interesting fact, which Maria Divizieva reported, is that NDSV has won 10% of the people with University degree as well as the fact that young people generally support the yellow party. In Sofia 12% of the voters have supported the party, led by Simeon Saxecobourggotta.

The leader of the party refused to make any forecasts, based upon today's results, about the ambitions of the party for the parliamentary elections on the 5th of July. But he added that he will try to compose the lists of candidates in the same way so that he could repeat the success of the party from the European elections. But the fact is that the list of candidates of the NDSV for the European elections is composed of personalities and the great success of the party is due to the personality of the leader of the list Meglena Kuneva.

And regarding the claims of the Blue coalition that the DPS have transferred votes toward the NDSV and LIDER, Simeon Saxecobourggotta, in his typical style said, that everyone has the right to want something. Asked by euinside whether he is worried by the relatively bad results of ALDE (Alliance of Liberal and Democrats in Europe) Mr. Saxecobourggotta said that he doesn't see a direct link between Bulgaria at the moment and ALDE as a whole. And with regard to the statement of GERB that one of their priorities in the EP would be making Bulgaria an energy centre of the Balkans, the leader of the NDSV said that his party is open and doesn't reject anything in advance.

Maria Divizieva also said that the secret of the NDSV is the predictable and successive policy, the successful ministers and MPs. Meglena Kuneva added that one of the most successful minister of the yellow party is the minister of education Daniel Valchev because, she said, it is important in times of crisis to invest in education and she promised that the NDSV will continue to make strong policy in the field of education.