Cause and Effect in European Politics and Law

Kostov took over the UDF from the inside, says Ahmed Dogan

Adelina Marini, May 21, 2009

A second Bulgarian party expresses an opinion for the problems in the right political space in Bulgaria. This is the DPS (Movement for rights and freedoms, which no longer wants to be recognised as Turkish ethnic party) and one of the rare interviews of its leader, again, for the "Trud" daily. In the interview the DPS leader Ahmed Dogan says: "The expectations we had in the DPS and the Liberal alliance were that the form for the reconstruction of the UDF (The Union of the democratic forces) will be found after the series of splitting ups. Regretfully the nomination of Kostov as "the unifier of the right" caused serious problems for the colleagues in the UDF. Now the European elections, as a first step to the election process, will situate the right subjects fairly enough and will put their pretences in order".

And instead the logical question about the influence of the DPS over this process for which there were serious data like the fact that part of the signatures, presented by the former UDF secretary general Plamen Radonov at the Central Electoral Committee for the European elections were actually of people who also signed for the DPS, the question, posed to the DPS leader was: "Even analysts of the right are convinced that Kostov took the UDF over from the inside. Your opinion?"

And the opinion: "The behaviour of Kostov is turning into a political syndrome of theft of influence, theft of votes, for overtaking existing positions. But I don't want to comment on him. The right should overcome this stalemate and the European elections are the first step towards finding the right formula".

Mr. Dogan also expresses suspicion that GERB (Citizens for European development of Bulgaria) would be a first political power because, he said, sociologists were using the wrong methodology by neglecting small towns. "The suggestion that GERB will be first political force, at this stage, is more likely a manipulation than reality".

Then the DPS leader says that he wanted to keep the bon tone for the time of the elections but he makes an exception for GERB because: "... there the self estimation very seriously blows over with realities".