Cause and Effect in European Politics and Law

The DPS is very happy with the successes of the right parties

Adelina Marini, June 8, 2009

In his typical philosophic style the leader of the DPS (Movement for rights and freedoms, perceived as the party of the Turkish minority in Bulgaria) Ahmed Dogan expressed last night satisfaction from the successes of the right parties. "In the right political space there is interesting movement - I think that it is a success that LIDER (the party of a controversial businessman) is doing very good, the Blue coalition is starting to recover and to unfold. It was high time the right political space to have its own representatives, to stop being in obscurity, in a search of a Messiah. Of course, this is a stage of primary structuring and restructuring. I think that for the National parliament there will be more serious options for the right subjects in our political space", Dogan explained his views. He underlined that the DPS will support this trend in the future and with the same inner conviction.

But it was not quite clear from his words who exactly did he have in mind with the exception of the Blue coalition and LIDER which he named explicitly. He also talked about the appearance of right conservatism, having probably in mind the formation of Yane Yanev - Order, rule of law and justice which claimed, almost a month ago, that this party is the new conservative right and he also contacted the British conservatives.

In spite those moving tendencies, the leader of the DPS announced that at this stage the current government does not have an alternative. He demonstrated letting his nerves out of control regarding GERB by saying that the current bandit-style of politics is very dangerous. He asked couple of times, using the words of Boyko Borisov, "who has he defeated, who has he beaten?" Dogan also blamed the media for creating Boyko Borisov - "You, so to say, playing subjects of history, of making history, are competing with us and you create products out of unspecified projects and then you wonder how did this happen".

After all Ahmed Dogan hoped that for the next few years appropriate conditions and political circumstances might appear to create an alternative of the current government. Having said that Dogan announced that is was tired of politics and that he wanted a break. "But at this stage, these expectations of the Bulgarian people cannot be filled, unfortunately. To have 1 MP more and to think that you are an alternative either you're not in line with what's going on, or you imagine things". And more - Dogan does not want to be the holder of the mandate but if he has to, he would accept with pleasure.

Beside LIDER and the right parties, the DPS also praised the success of their loyal partner the NDSV (National Movement for Stability and Progress)