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Martin Dimitrov: The Central electoral committee will not register the UDF

Adelina Marini, May 5, 2009

Martin Dimitrov stated with a great dose of certainty that the Central; electoral committee (CEC) will not register the UDF for the upcoming European elections. But he refused to explain why is he so certain. Dimitrov said this at e joint press conference of the Blue coalition, dedicated to the financial and economic crisis. Petar Moskov, from the DSB (Democrats for strong Bulgaria) also said with conviction that the Blue coalition will be registered for the European elections and for the parliamentary elections as well.

In response to this the spokesperson of the CEC Alexander Alexandrov said that "There can only be certainty when CEC takes a decision". He added that the Citizens' registration office is still validating the signatures, presented by the UDF and ATAKA. That is the reason why both parties have not yet been registered in the CEC. With regard to the legitimate leadership of the UDF, for the CEC legitimate is that leadership that is registered by the Sofia city court. If the court registers another leadership, then it will be registered in the CEC as well and the previous one will be in valid. This can happen only if the Sofia city court takes its decision before the deadline for the European elections which is the 12th of May.

Up till now only 4 parties have filed documents for registration for the European elections and 2 of them have been registered. These are GERB and DPS (The Movement for rights and freedoms). Alexander Alexandrov called all parties not to wait till the very last moment because the check which the Citizens' registration office does takes a lot of time. On the 13th may will be decided which party with what number will be in the ballot paper. Tomorrow CEC will announce its methods for voting counting because with the newly introduced majority element, the counting of the mandated territories would be slightly different, explained Alexandrov.