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Barroso: We work for energy security and solidarity

Ralitsa Kovacheva, February 24, 2010

Energy security and solidarity were among the main issues, discussed today by the Bulgarian president Gheorghi Parvanov and the president of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso.

"We take this concept of solidarity extremely seriously, as we have shown during the most recent Russia-Ukraine gas crisis. We are now taking structural action at the European Union level for energy security and energy diversification. I know how committed Bulgaria is to this agenda".

"In the coming weeks the Commission will support 44 major energy infrastructure projects in the second batch of the European economic recovery plan. 2.3 billion euros will be granted to 32 gas and 12 electricity projects in the EU over the next twelve months. Bulgaria will be among those to benefit with the support of projects for reverse flow and the Nabucco project to diversify gas imports".

The Bulgarian president Gheorghi Parvanov thanked for the support for the interconnections with Greece and Romania which would allow avoiding gas crises similar to last year's. The president noted the important and active role of Bulgaria in the realisation of both the Nabucco and the South Stream projects.

Replying to a question about Bulgaria's energy dependence from Moscow, Jose Manuel Barroso said that the issue was discussed during the meeting with Parvanov. Barroso defined Russia as a very important strategic partner with whom the EU wanted stable and predictable relations.

Commission's president added that Gheorghi Parvanov was one of the first leaders who took part in the discussion of Europe 2020 Strategy.

"The Commission is now preparing its proposals for the spring European Council which will be based around the three key priorities of smart growth, green growth and inclusive growth. We put innovation, we put energy, we put employment at the centre of the European economy".

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