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UK General Election - Should I Stay or Should I go?

UK General Election - Should I Stay or Should I go?

On 7 May, Britain votes in a general election. However, in 2015, they will be something much more than a simple election of members of parliament. It will be a general rehearsal of an in-out referendum. They are also a test about the moods after the independence referendum in Scotland.
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How Much More Left Can the EU Take Especially from UK?

In the covering of the June EU summit several of us journalists had the feeling that there was a lot in common between David Cameron and Alexis Tsipras. Nothing about the ideology, but something about the attitude – pulling the string of internal national politics at the European leve ...
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Britain Might Exit the EU by Mistake

Bulgarians and Romanians dropped out relatively early in the election campaign in Britain for two very interesting reasons but, still, the future relations of the United Kingdom with the Union hide risks for the Bulgarian immigrants there, told me Ivailo Yaydzhiev, PhD student in internati ...
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A Political Earthquake in Britain with Possible Aftershocks in Europe

The evening on 7 May was the evening of surprises. No one expected the Conservatives to emerge as the main winner of the regular parliamentary election in Britain. Weeks before the vote pollsters showed a fierce battle between the two major parties - the Conservative party and the Labour party. ...
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Britain Is Clashing with Itself in Scotland

April 2nd will remain in the British history as an important date. This is the date that marks the realignment of British politics. On this date took place the first debate between the leaders of seven political parties fighting for the vote of the British voter in the parliamentary election on ...
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Dear Britons, Please Keep Away from the Brexit!

Europe is not the most important issue in the British election campaign but it definitely is among the issues that are being debated. According to the Social Media Election dashboard, Europe is the 7th most discussed issue in the social networks. It is at the same level as education. The top iss ...
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Andrej Plenkovic: After Lisbon There Is a Pause in Reforming EU

After the Lisbon Treaty came into force on 1 December 2009 there is a sort of a pause of the reform of the EU institutional structure. There are many informal debates in what direction the EU should continue in the future but there are no firm intentions to open the treaties for changes. Every c ...
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If There's a Reform of EMU UK's Demands Could Be Considered

David Cameron's pledge for reform of the EU is not realistic, said in an interview with this website Paulo Rangel (Portugal), a vice president of the EPP group in the European Parliament. According to him, the only possibility for opening of the treaties for change is to upgrade the euro area. O ...