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G20 - globally lost in translation

G20 - globally lost in translation

Five years after its rise as a global format, the Group of 20 most influential countries in the world is facing even wider division and incapability to find common solutions to global problems. Currently, the annual presidency is being held by Russia, who has focused its programme on growth and jobs creation. Instead, however, it is possible the G20 summit in St. Petersburg on September 5-6 to turn into a forum about Syria with no perspectives at all for finding a solution to the growing deeper conflict in the country.
Herman Van Rompuy, Jose Manuel Barroso | © Council of the EUHerman Van Rompuy, Jose Manuel Barroso | © Council of the EU

EU Will Sound Hollow at the G20 Summit in St Petersburg

Jose Manuel Barroso and Herman Van Rompuy will probably feel very isolated and very lonely, representing only themselves in St Petersburg during the G20 summit under the presidency of Russia, because their agenda differs significantly from the agenda of the rest around the table. On the one hand ...