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European Council 8-9 December 2011

European Council 8-9 December 2011

In recent months, is has often been expected that a certain summit of the EU or the euro area would be a "decisive" one and leaders would take "decisive" measures to tackle the crisis. On the eve of the last European Council this year, the expectations are also too high, although it is clear that we can hope at most to get clarity about the direction and the goal. The way to get there will surely be long, but even a clear signal of strong political will would be a good Christmas present for Europe. euinside will closely follow the summit and will familiarize you in details with the results.
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Brussels is Preparing for the Last European Council This Year

The leaders of the 27 EU countries are gathering in Brussels on 8 December for their last European Council this year. The expectations are high, given the gloomy predictions that the final countdown for the euro area is running. The leaders have already received the report of European Council Pr ...