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In search of an answer to the question: who is to blame for the bad results of the school-leavers?

Adelina Marini, August 17, 2009

The new team at the Ministry of education, science and youth is still analyzing the results of the matriculations at the end of high school stage because it is still waiting for the results from the corrections that will take place in the end of the month. This analysis is supposed to show who is to blame for the bad results of the school-leavers from certain schools. This is what the deputy minister of education Milka Kodzhabashieva responded to a question of euinside.

"Before we impose sanctions on school principals we have to see what the reasons are behind the bad results, because this is a bilateral problem: the motivation of pupils to work, the complexity of the school material, the way this material is taught in class. So, this is an analysis which is being done at the very moment", Ms. Kodzhabashieva added.

A total of 11,306 school-leavers have filed requests for a correction, of which the biggest number 8,059 is for the geography exam. Those who will try to correct their score on the obligatory Bulgarian language and literature exam are 5,539, Milka Kodzhabashieva announced. In June, when the former minister of education Daniel Valchev reported the results from the May exams, it became clear that the results of the pupils from the professional high schools are catastrophic. He also called on his successor Yordanka Fandakova to pay special attention to the issue.