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The president: Nabucco yes, but South Stream too

Adelina Marini, May 14, 2009

Less than a month after the energy summit in Sofia, organised by the president Gheorghi Parvanov and which evoked furious debates before the summit and a lot of analysis after it, today the president again requested the society to talk about the forum and to estimate it relevantly. In an article published in today's "Trud" daily the president says that now is the time to draw up the line and analyze what has actually been achieved during the summit in Sofia where for the first time the delegations of the US and Russia met and discussed strategically important energy issues. According to Gheorghi Parvanov the forum showed that "Bulgaria has its place and can be a factor in the international dialogue on energy issues".

But in essence, in a moment when unequivocally the EU showed Bulgaria where it stands as a member of the EU and the Commission actively participated in the drawing of the final declaration of the summit, the president states: "Bulgaria contributes and will continue to work for the realisation of the two projects, as "Nabucco" appears to be a project of special importance. But I think that "South Stream" should be put on its relevant place in the EU agenda".

Further more, the president even warns that if we want energy sources diversification we shouldn't ignore Russia. The president's motives are: "I think that the idea of bypassing Russia or ignoring Russia, which is the main supplier of energy for the EU today and in the foreseeable future, could restrict and delay the process of diversification and could complicate the EU-Russia relations in other aspects. And vice versa - choosing the path of cooperation could put the European interest of more and more secure energy on the surface of predictable strategic cooperation".

The president boldly enters the election campaign with his article by stating that the energy dependence of Bulgaria dates back before 2001 and probably Mr. Parvanov has in mind the government of the opposition leader Ivan Kostov. Furthermore he says that during the government of the right there were no attempts for searching alternative supplies but also a lot of proposals were turned down.

The president Gheorghi Parvanov makes some very specific suggestions, one of which is too specific - he wants active participation of the company "Bulgartransgas" in the "South Stream" and "Nabucco" projects without explaining why. The rest of the proposals have already been made public and are not new.

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