Cause and Effect in European Politics and Law

The energy impotence of European economy

Adelina Marini, May 28, 2009

Improvement of conditions for exploration and extraction of raw materials in the EU by protecting, at the same time, the environment. This is recommended in the conclusions of the Competitiveness Council in Brussels. This means that it is necessary the EU to find relatively short-term and practical solution to the fact that European economy is strongly dependent on many energy and non-energy materials and that is why common actions are needed. For the purpose the Council recommends an increase of the effective use of resources as well as use of recycles, second hand materials and stimulus for innovation and research for increase of effectiveness of resources.

Beside this the Council recommends the EU to promote international rules for sustainable access to raw materials and requires the Commission to focus more on "the diplomacy of raw materials". In other words the Commission has to enhance dialogue with relevant countries by proposing them attractive trade conditions.