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The election battles in Bulgaria begin

Adelina Marini, April 21, 2009

Although the election campaign hasn't started officially yet, political parties in Bulgaria have already begun to demonstrate part of their priorities. For example the leading party right now, according to the sociological researches, GERB (Citizens for european development of Bulgaria), invites journalists to talk about: "Urgent measures to tackle the deep crisis of organised crime in the country". The occasion, undoubtedly, should be the consecutive kidnap of a businessman and the convenient opportunity a party out of the governance of the country to show the weaknesses of the government.

The Union of the democratic forces (UDF) will also use its regular press conference for a specific issue - something that happens rarely in the normal political life of Bulgaria. The party will concentrate on: "Secret negotiations for a loan from Russia for the second nuclear power station "Belene"".

The ruling Bulgarian socialist party (BSP) has not formulated specific topic of its regular briefing and the smallest partner in the ruling coalition, National movement for stability and upsurge (NDSV) has not even announced if it will hold its regular press conference or not.