Cause and Effect in European Politics and Law

The Blue coalition filed a registration for the European elections

Adelina Marini, May 10, 2009

The Blue coalition filed a request for registration for the European elections which will be held on the 7th of June today but from the statements the leader of the UDF Martin Dimitrov and the leader of the DSB Ivan Kostov made, it was not clear which parties are now with the Blue coalition since the UDF is still not registered with the Sofia city court. As a leader of the list of candidates for MEPs Nadezhda Mihaylova has been nominated and she is a member of the UDF. The three of them refused to comment any further on the problems the UDF has with the registration and said that from today onward they will discuss policies and the elections only. euinside asked them to comment on the opinion polls, presented by the MBMD research agency, giving the Blue coalition only 3 % of the votes, Martin Dimitrov said that knowing which agency presented this research he was surprised that they have even 3 %. He also said that this result should be tripled to reflect the true support for the Blue coalition. He also said this was another manipulation against the right parties.

Just minutes after the Blue coalition filed a request for registration for the European elections, the Central electoral committee registered the UDF with Plamen Yurukov as leader. Yesterday Plamen Radonov filed another 6,000 signatures. For Re:TV Ralitsa Negentsova, spokeswoman of the Electoral committee confirmed this and said that the signatures have already been validated by the Citizens' registration office. Last time, when Plamen Radonov filed around 18,000 signatures the validation took over 10 days and the Office announced that only 14,100 signatures were genuine. The requirement for a registration in the Electoral committee is for 15,000 signatures. Now it was not quite clear whether all 6,000 signatures filed yesterday are OK, or just the necessary number of 900. The member of the Electoral committee Alexander Alexandrov called this week on parties not to wait for the very last time to file their registration requests exactly because the validation of the signatures takes a lot of time. It is not quite clear how did the Citizen's registration office manage to validate 6,000 signatures in only 24 hours. If the Sofia city court does not register the new leadership of the UDF with Martin Dimitrov as a leader, then the Blue coalition will participate in the elections without it and the UDF itself will participate on its own with Plamen Yurukov as a leader.

In the meantime additional metastases appeared in the right today after the VMRO (a nationalist party), the Ghergyovden movement and the United people's party of Maria Kapon also filed a request for registration for the European elections by saying they are the representatives of the true right in Bulgaria.