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A review of all deals the government concluded in the last 6 years

Adelina Marini, April 21, 2009

A thorough review of all deals the government concluded in the past 6 years will start the Union of democratic forces (UDF), if they are in the next government, announced the leader of the party Martin Dimitrov at a press conference today, dedicated to the secret negotiations with Russia for a loan to finance the building of the new nuclear power station "Belene". He also said that UDF is ready with its anti-crisis programme.

The idea Russian loan to finance the building of "Belene" came out for the first time during the visit in Moscow of the Bulgarian minister of economy and energy Petar Dimitrov. Initially, the government planned some 3.8 bn euro for the project in the budget but because of its poor implementation and the expectations for revision it became clear that Bulgaria will not be able to finance it on its own. Russia has suggested Gazprombank as a one of the banks that can lend an export credit to the Bulgarian National Electricity Company. The Russian side has also proposed Sberbank, Vneshnekonombank and Vneshnetorgovbank as potential financing banks for the station in Belene. Unfortunately, the government is still keeping in secret details around the negotiations and has still not answered the question why is this haste in taking a loan from Russia since its mandate in less than two months will be over.

Martin Dimitrov from UDF also called on the National Assembly to discuss very carefully the loan for "Belene because this is a project with long term effect on the economy in the next 20-30 years.

The review of all deals, concluded in the past 6 years by the state is part of the anti-crisis programme of the UDF. But the party will not release any further details for the moment. The programme will be implemented in case the UDF takes part in future government. But it is still not clear whether the programme is coordinated with the partner of UDF in the Blue election coalition - the Democrats for strong Bulgaria (DSB).