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Putin vs. Medvedev for the presidential post

Adelina Marini, May 1, 2009

It is not impossible in 2012 the current partnership between the Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin and the president Dmitry Medvedev to turn into a furious battle. This the opinion of the presidential political adviser Gleb Pavlovsky, speaking to the "Financial times" newspaper. Within the next year both men will have to decide who will run for the presidency in 2012 when the current mandate of Medvedev expires.

According to Pavlovsky, important for the decision will depend on who emerges from the economic crisis. “I think that if Medvedev’s presidency is successful, Putin will not try to move him out … If the strengthening of Medvedev’s stature continues, as it is going now, then Putin will not enter his candidacy", Gleb Pavlovsky said to the "Financial times".