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Pre-election pensions increase approved the government

Adelina Marini, May 21, 2009

In spite of the bad outlook for the budget for this year the government decided today to raise the pensions, as planned. Thus from the 1st of July the social pension for old age would increase from 92,53 levs (47 euro) to 100,86 levs (51 euro). The increase has been complied to the decision for updating all pensions with 9 % from the 1st of July, explained the government press service.

And more good news before the elections for the elder voters - the minimal pension becomes 136,08 (69 euro) and the average pension for length of service and age becomes 288,98 (148 euro). Totally in preelection spirit the minister of social affairs Emilia Maslarova (Bulgarian socialist party) said that the increase is double in comparison to 2005 when this government came to power. She also said that the money is planned in the budget. But it wasn't clear how realistic are the expectations that this budget will be fulfilled by 100 %.