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No need to worry about the budget so far, says the Bulgarian Ministry of Finance

Adelina Marini, May 13, 2009

At the moment there is some trouble with the revenue part of the budget but this has been foreseen in December 2008. That is why in the Budget for 2009 there are buffers which work at the moment and are much more than previous years. This is the official position of the Bulgarian Ministry of Finance which responded to some questions of euinside. The questions were provoked by the statement of the Blue coalition that soon there will be no money in the exchequer to pay salaries and pensions. If necessary there could be more serious restrictions of the expenditures, the Ministry said.

With regard to possible risk of budgetary deficit, the issue shouldn't be considered now but in the Autumn when it is a tradition to analyze the 6-month implementation of the budget.

The Ministry didn't answer the question of euinside on whether there is a plan for some serious cut of expenditures in the Ministries and if yes, how much money is expected to be saved up.