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NDSV presented its economic platform, but for after the crisis

Adelina Marini, June 5, 2009

NDSV (The National Movement for Stability and Progress) also presented its economic platform today, which can be implemented AFTER the economic and financial crisis is over. According to the yellow party, which participates in 2 consecutive governments and in the first it had a majority (2001-2005), propose immediate start of procedures for membership to the Euro area, decrease of VAT rate to 18% (from the current 20%), deep reforms in the public sector, stimulation of export and investments, tourism and measures for decrease of the trade deficit as well as the current account deficit.

More specifically, the party, for which o[pinion polls show minimal chances to be presented in the next parliament, suggests the budgetary expenditures to decrease each year until they reach 35%-36% of GDP, decrease of 5 % of the social security burden (although it's not quite clear whether the party means 5% or 5 percentage points which is 0.5 %). Keeping the flat tax to 10% as well as the profit tax to 10% but decrease of the income tax for single traders from 15% to 10%. %0% decrease of the tax on dividends and keeping the zero tax over the capital profits and the interest income. Introduction of 1 month deadline for return of VAT, is also among the proposals of NDSV.

One of the really attractive proposals, which the yellows have for some time raised as an issue during their participation in the tripartite governing coalition, was the state to pay interest rates for any delay of taxes recovery the same way as the state collects punitive interests when citizens or companies delay the payment of their financial obligations. But this issue should be further cleared because it is not quite certain that it is correct everyone to pay for the delays of the state. It would be more fair if the official that is proved to be guilty for a delay to pay for it.

According to the ex-financial minister in the government of Simeon Saxecobourggotta, Milen Velchev, NDSV will be represented in the next parliament. "Being present in the parliament, it would be very difficult a coalition to be formed without NDSV. But we will not participate in any coalition at any price. As we did in 2005 (when they made a coalition with the DPS, considered as a Turkish ethnic party), we will do the same and will agree to participate in the government only if our visions and priorities are reflected adequately in the governing programme", added Velchev.