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Kalfin: It is not important from whom and how much Bulgaria would borrow for "Belene"

Adelina Marini, May 7, 2009

It doesn't matter where Bulgaria will take a loan to build the second nuclear power station "Belene" because this loan will be paid back. It is also not important how much would cost the "South Stream" project because the rivalry for it is great. These are the words of the deputy prime minister and foreign minister Ivaylo Kalfin in front of the members of the club "Young diplomat". The club is part of the Sofia organisation of the BSP (Bulgarian socialist party). Ivaylo Kalfin is also a member of the party. He talked about the Bulgarian foreign policy and its priorities. In the long term for Bulgaria it is important to become a strategic hub, through which as many energy connections pass as possible, Kalfin added.

With regard to the power station "Belene" the deputy prime minister explained that almost all Bulgaria's neighbours are planning or have already started the construction of nuclear power stations. Before Bulgaria closed the 3rd and 4th blocks of the "Kozlodui" power station the country was able to supply 100 % of the energy deficit in the region. Now the only plus now is that the energy balance of Bulgaria is still positive but the rivalry in the Balkans is fierce and that is why Bulgaria needs "Belene".

Regarding "South Stream" pipeline Ivaylo Kalfin explained that the competition is also fierce. countries have agreed to participate in the project. He defined Bulgaria's energy future like this: the construction of the "Burgas-Alexandrupolis" pipeline, by 2030 Bulgaria has a contract to transit Russian gas to Greece and Turkey at the amount of 17 bn cubic metres per year. With the construction of "Nabucco" through Bulgaria another 30 cubic metres will pass through the country and after the "South Stream" is built another 17 bn will be transited through Bulgaria. This would make our country very important, added Kalfin.

He also explained the hyper active work of the current government in the energy area with the fact that now the cards are being dealt - "Europe, Russia, America realised that at the moment the foundations of the future big energy projects are being laid. If we sleep through this period, we will have to catch up". Kalfin added in a simple language: "If we want to have any contribution we will be beaten, sometimes we will not be understood but if we know what we want we will achieve it. If we start doubting we might delay or stop part of these projects but what shall we gain with this? I hope that the following governments will not support such a policy".

The "Young diplomat" club which is part of the Sofia organisation of the BSP thanked minister Kalfin by supporting his nomination for member of next parliament.

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