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The Ministry of Finance presents the data of the budget for the first half of the year

Adelina Marini, July 20, 2009

Unexpectedly, the Bulgarian minister of finance in resign Plamen Oresharski will present at a press conference the data for the implementation of the budget for the first half of 2009. This will happen against the background of contradictory data as well as economic forecasts that the budget is on deficit since the beginning of 2009 and the expectations are that this deficit will grow further in the months ahead.

The main accusations against the government in resign is that before the elections it spent much more and left significant holes in the budget which can only be filled through serious cuts, written on the account of the new government. The cabinet of Mr. Sergey Stanishev denies living bad financial legacy to the new government.

So far the Ministry of Finance presented the data of the budget through press releases and on its Internet site.