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First formal summit between the EU and the US

Adelina Marini, November 3, 2009

The first formal summit between the EU and the USA since president Barack Obama took office in the beginning of this year, will start today in Washington. The topics subject to discussion will be the negotiations on the new climate change agreement and the EU strategy for Afghanistan. The summit, on EU side, will be attended by the Swedish prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, the president of the Commission Jose Manuel Barroso, the Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt and the Secretary general and High Representative on foreign policy Javier Solana.

Beside the above mentioned topics, the summit will deal with the financial and economic crisis as well as the approach towards Iran. Afghanistan and climate change though, are the issues that need an urgent and coordinated transatlantic approach because at the moment the US together with the NATO contingents, experience serious difficulties in securing the stability and security of the country, especially in the eve of the second round of the presidential elections there. Another factor which contributes to the deterioration of the situation there is the growing instability of Pakistan.

Last week, the EU foreign ministers have agreed on a comprehensive strategy for Afghanistan which will include mainly political and institutional means. Details on the strategy you could read on the link to the right of this article.