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First election promises

Adelina Marini, May 16, 2009

The Blue coalition will present today its elections programme. This means that today we shall hear for the first time promises. The Blue coalition consists of the DSB (Democrats for Strong Bulgaria), United farmers of Anastasia Mozer, Radical-democratic party, political party "Nikola Petkov", the Union of the repressed, the Republican party, the Bulgarian Christian coalition and the Bulgarian farmers' peoples's union, lead by Nikola Nenchev. The participation of the UDF in the Blue coalition continues to be under question as the Sofia city court hasn't yet registered the new leadership, elected through internal elections and lead by Martin Dimitrov.

So far, the Blue coalition has announced its position on the economic and financial crisis and the irrelevance of the measures in the Stanishev Recovery Plan. The main rebuke of the blue is that the government doesn't provide frequently enough and reliable data about the economic situation, the unemployment and the budget. The blue have already presented several directions of what they would do if they were in the next government and because this could only happen if they unite with GERB, the good news is that their economic programmes are quite similar.

Another already announced idea of the Blue coalition is the review of all energy agreements, negotiated by the current government. They insist for freezing of the second nuclear power station project so that Bulgaria isn't obliged to take a loan for almost 4 bn euro from Russia without this project having imminent impact on the economy. But still the position of GERB is not quite clear with regard to the foreign and economic orientation of the country if they form a government after the elections.