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Easier registration of a car whitn the EU

Adelina Marini, May 8, 2009

From May 2009 we will be able to register much easily a car bought in another EU member state. This is now possible after the new directive was approved yesterday, which obliges the issue of a Certificate of Conformity by the producer to the purchaser. Thus, if you are a Bulgarian and you buy a new car in Germany, you will be able to register it in Bulgaria only by presenting the European Certificate of Conformity with the national authorities. The Certificate holds all necessary data, including environmental performance data, which are increasingly necessary for vehicle taxation schemes.

The Certificate actually exists since 1993 but was not obligatory for all member states, so the import of a car from the EU and its registration was entirely a subject of national legislation.

But do have in mind that the new directive applies to new cars only which have been granted the EC type-approval from 29 April 2009. In other words it will not apply to second hand cars or new cars, bought before 29 April.