Cause and Effect in European Politics and Law

The Czech Presidency will also take part in the energy forum in Sofia

Adelina Marini, April 24, 2009

Czech deputy prime minister for EU affairs will also take part in the energy forum, which starts today in Sofia, He will arrive tomorrow from Turkmenistan where yesterday a similar meeting has started but with much higher political representation. Alexandr Vondra will come to Bulgaria to hand over an official invitation to the "Southern Corridor – New Silk Road" summit on 8 May 2009 in Prague. The Czech Republic has organised the event as a president of the EU.

In Turkmenistan Mr. Vondra received the consent of Turkmeni president Gurbanguli Berdimuhamedov that he will participate in the Prague summit. In Sofia instead he sent a representative. Turkmenistan is one of the main exporters of natural gas. Before his visit to Bulgaria, Alexandr Vondra will stop by in Turkey.

In his speech in Ashgabad, Mr. Vondra separated the participants in two groups: developed countries that lack energy resources and a second group of countries that are rich of resources but desperately need modernisation and development. Alexandr Vondra also underlined that for the Czech Presidency it is of utmost importance the establishment of functioning energy market, based on the effective cooperation among producers, transit countries and consumers.