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A scandalous contribution of Bulgaria to climate change

euinside, December 16, 2009

The Greens party in Bulgaria defined as "scandalous" the contribution Bulgaria made at the European Council last week to the Global Fund to help poor states fight climate change. Then the Bulgarian prime minister offered his country to pay 20,000 euro annually, starting from 2011. In a declaration the Greens say that the sum which Bulgaria will pay for 2 years instead of 3 for the period 2010-2013 to the overall budget of the EU of 7 bn euros was symbolic. "This means that each Bulgarian citizen will contribute thousands of times less to solving this problem, compared to the average EU citizen", the declarations says.

"We, the Greens party insist to underline that the European Union is a Community of states which have to cover a minimum of requirements. This includes economic commitments which member states have to fulfill, especially after they have joined the Community. But not with symbolic contributions! To sneak that way from urgent solidarity actions, hoping that the job will be done by itself, is not a worthy political behaviour and is not what Bulgarian citizens voted for in 2009. Such a lack of responsibility was typical for the previous government and is not admissible for the current government of Bulgaria", the declaration goes on saying.

The Greens recalled also that this year they have paid the treasury 100,000 levs (50,000 euro) as election deposits to participate in the elections which is a much larger amount than what the prime minister Mr. Boyko Borisov negotiated in Brussels last week. They also say that Bulgaria should use the taxes big mining industries pay to contribute to the Global Fund.

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