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Bulgaria will represent Montenegro in the Caucasus countries

Adelina Marini, May 20, 2008

Bulgaria will represent Montenegro in all its embassies and consular offices in the Caucasus countries. This is now possible after Bulgaria and Montenegro signed an agreement today for visa issues and consular cooperation. The document has been signed in the framework of the final for the Bulgarian presidency summit of the Process for cooperation in South East Europe, held in Pomorie.

Bulgarian embassies in Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia will secure consular and diplomatic protection for the citizens of Montenegro and will issue visas for Montenegro. This is the first agreement of this kind in which Bulgaria will represent another country.

A little while ago the meeting of the foreign ministers of the SEECP has started. Before its beginning the deputy prime minister and foreign minister Ivaylo Kalfin confirmed that the text of the final declaration of Pomorie is still not complete because there are some disagreements. Answering my question what the main obstacles were, Mr. Kalfin said that it was about how to formulate the texts with regard to Kosovo. Ivaylo Kalfin also presented what's achieved during the one-year presidency of Bulgaria over the SEECP by saying that SEECP has turned false the fears deepening the Balkan integration would stop the European integration. The organisation has turned into a platform for European integration, added Kalfin. He said he hoped that tomorrow would be confirmed the appointment of our former ambassador to the EU Stanislav Daskalov as a head of the liaison office in Brussels of the newly established Regional cooperation council which replaced the Stability pact.