Cause and Effect in European Politics and Law

The Bulgarian Greens want an end to the representative democracy

Adelina Marini, June 16, 2009

Obligatory local referenda on important for local communities issues, introduction of the direct democracy which should have control over appointments in the judicial system and the decisions of the authorities - in other words - return of the state to citizens. These are some of the ideas of the Bulgarian Greens, included in their election programme. The Bulgarian Greens are a small party, created by ecologists and environmentalists, which managed to get 0.74% of the votes at the European elections this month without any advertisement. Their ambitions is, if they do not succeed to win a mandate in parliament, any of the current big parties to adopt some of their ideas.

In and interview for euinside, the leader of the party Andrey Kovachev mentioned many of the Bulgarian Greens' ideas like removing monopolies in every field of life, change in the hygiene standards in agriculture which could create opportunities for small and medium producers and farmers to make cheese out of milk and not from palm oil, no-interest loans for households and buildings which pass on green energy - solar or renewable energy.

Tourism will be another, very serious, priority of the Bulgarian Greens but not in the form of preferences but as development of country tourism. The young party is confident that against the background of the economic crisis, the investments in green economy which creates green jobs, would be quite beneficial.

(the whole interview with Andrey Kovachev you can read later on euinside)