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372 mn lv is the budgetary deficit of Bulgaria

Adelina Marini, August 12, 2009

By the 17th of July the budgetary deficit of Bulgaria was 202 mn lv (103.58 mn euro), while by the end of July the deficit was 372,4 mn lv (190.97 mn euro), the Ministry of Finance reported, adding that these data confirm the expectations for increased spending during the European and parliamentary elections by the previous government. The total amount of the revenues for the first 7 months of the year is a little under 15 bn lv (7.69 bn euro) which is 83.4% of what has been planned for the same period. The expenses are a little over 15 bn lv (15.191 bn lv). The Ministry of Finance also claims that the expenses so far are 50% of what has been planned and the increase in comparison to last year is 24.3%.