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Polish firms are interested in building solar parks in Bulgaria

Adelina Marini, April 18, 2011

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While I was examining the exhibition Solar Balkans 2011 in the International Expo Centre in Sofia I came across Poland's stand. I got surprised that the country had a national stand and this is why a stopped by to ask around. I was welcomed by several very amiable Bulgarian speaking Poles. I was mainly interested to know what attracted Polish investors to the solar market of Bulgaria. On the issue I spoke to Marcin Mikolajczyk, a Second Secretary at the embassy of Poland, working at the Trade and Investment Promotion Section.

A very pleasant man who graduated in International Economic Relations in .... Bulgaria. As you could see from the video, Mr Mikolajczyk's Bulgarian is excellent as maybe Bulgarian companies expected when looking for investments in Poland. But about this in another interview with the not less pleasant woman Grazyna Chorazykiewicz.

According to Mr Mikolajczyk, the reason for Polish firms' interest in Bulgaria's solar market is quite prosaic - the feed-in tariff. In Poland at this stage there are no feed-in tariffs for big installations but instead more focus is put on PV systems in farms and homes. However, this does not prevent Polish companies from building solar installations in countries like Germany and Austria. Bulgaria, though, is attractive for another, even more prosaic reason - good atmospheric conditions.

In order an investor to be certain, as investments in renewable energy sources (RES) are long-term, security is needed and good planning. In Western European countries there are developed programmes which show what the feed-tariffs will be in the years to come, Marcin Mikolajczyk tells me. Although Bulgaria still does not have such a programme, the conditions in the country continue to be better, he thinks, and probably this is what he tells Polish investors here. Whether this is so we are yet to know, because the debate on the issue in Bulgaria goes on.