Cause and Effect in European Politics and Law

The state is officially in anarchy

Adelina Marini, May 27, 2009

I came to realise this after I tried to ask for help after almost 1 week lack of sleep. From the emergency phone number 112 I was told that it was not in their competences to help me, from the 166 (the police) I was transferred to the regional police station where I was told that since it was not between 22 and 6 o'clock then they cannot do anything. What's the result then? If I have a very strong desire, I can shout from dust till dawn, to count like an idiot until I faint, to whistle, to push my hooter until the batteries runs out and, after all, not pat any attention to the hundreds of people around me who work, some of them are sick, there are little babies, children that are trying to study their lessons, students that are preparing for the summer exams. And, although it might sound ugly, the happiest people right now are those who have hearing problems.

Because for 2 weeks the state is in the hands of the school-leavers and their long celebrations of the end of high school! So, what's the conclusion? The school-leavers are the most important in the country! Because they're leaving school, they are allowed to do whatever they want. What kind of message is this? That since this is allowed, then further in life everything would be allowed and they will start their lives happily by crashing all the remaining (not too many) rules - they will stop crossing the street at the green light because only the losers wait for the green signal and, in fact, they're in a hurry and are the most important people in the country. This will give them the opportunity not to wait at any line, because this is how we taught them - they are the most important and cannot wait at any line. They are also young and energetic. They can also steal your car because why should they work since it would be much easier to steal someone's car, sell it. It is much more profitable and doesn't require paying of taxes and insurances. And if there is one policeman (which I definitely doubt) to try and stop them, they will give him 5-10 levs (2.50-5 euro) and he would be happy because the salaries of policemen are so low, lower than those at the State Agency for national security and this Agency doesn't deal with bet-wetters such as us.

In the long-term, the youngsters at school are watching this and absorb this type of behaviour very carefully. Do you have any idea what an army of irresponsible people that are fens of the chaos are we talking about?

That is why, because we're now in pre-election agony and probably there is no one available to do something, I will make the following statement:

I will vote for that political force that can bring in order in the state before I've left it. But the following kind of order:

1. The useless shouting to be forbidden and this should be punished ALWAYS with the relative punishment - fine'

2. The useless hooting should be forbidden, except in those cases that are written in the Legislation for road safety (if f course there's anything like this left in this legislation, changed so many times) and this should ALWAYS be punished - with fine. And if it is not punished I want to be sure that when I call the traffic police and report that the policeman did not fine someone who was abusing his right to use the hooter, he will be punished and I will know that;

3. The loud music should be forbidden at any time of the day not only between 22-6 o'clock because, after all for some it might be a party but for others - it might be work, like I already said, sickness, babies etc. and it is definitely not normal even at 1630 someone to listen his awful music while others are desperately trying to work or sleep after a night shift. And this should be punished - ALWAYS!;

4. Leaving a dog unattended should also be forbidden because it is terrible to listen to the suffering creature barking all day with no cease at all. That should also be punished - ALWAYS!;

5. It should be forbidden to overtake cars in the opposite strip of the road, as well as to line up in the strip for the left turn and continue forward and that should ALWAYS be punished.;

6. The traffic police should patrol the junctures and the bushes where the only violation might be speeding, because there are much more other outrageous violations;

7. Concrete pegs should be installed in the middle of the streets so as to prevent overtaking in the opposite strip;

8. Concrete pegs should be installed to separate the lines of the public transport;

9. Concrete pegs on all sidewalks to prevent parking on pedestrian areas;

10. A whole shop should be shut down if a child under 18 years of age is sold alcohol or cigarettes. But the shutting down should happen ALWAYS and for a long time.

I can enlist many more things which I encounter EVERYDAY! And I cannot stand this any longer, because this lack of order makes me nervous, aggressive and desperate. And that, as many psychiatrists might admit, is dangerous. And here I'm not talking about my personal health. I'm talking about our, common, civil health. Besides, as we love to compare ourselves, this in other EU member states is impossible! And not only there but also in the US, Canada, Japan and in most countries of the G8, G20 and other neat global formats.

It might sound a little too optimistic but I'm almost convinced that when those things are implemented (and that is possible for one term), out country and economy will move forward because everyone will know that has to put efforts because, otherwise, he will be ALWAYS punished. And don't think that only pure consciousness drives Germans to think about others and respect rules it is the punishment, ALWAYS and they're forced to oblige. And there's nothing wrong with this, this is our evolution level after all, we cannot ask more from Nature than it can give us.

But unfortunately on these elections no one if offering me anything like this. They're talking about decrease of social insurance. Why would I need this since tomorrow I might die of over stress and I will not be forced to pay anything. They're telling me that boykostov are very dangerous for the country. I don't care because I was up this morning at 0630 because of the drunk school-leavers. Ans Stanishev is saying that we have reached 6 % growth for the last 4 years of his government. Really? Well if for 4 years of non stop parties, listening to the music till the morning and hundreds of Bulgarians going drunk at work we have reached 6 % growth, what kind of growth are to reach if we live in order and rule of law? Maybe we would impress China. And Yane Yanev is constantly uncovering corrupt mayors that have abused with money and I don't know what. I don't care since they haven't solved my problems with keeping the civic order.

I just want to be able to sleep, work and feel happy. I want it clean, to watch beautiful and neat gardens, fountains, cheerful jumping little children, pupils with uniforms who instead of drinking beer in the park tell you good morning, students whom I can trust that they will work for my pension when and if I get old. I also want to see smiling elders who tease with little babies that are just making their first steps instead of looking at them with envy and malice. I want to be happy that Bulgaria has won a football match instead of cursing that in the rush hour in the middle of the city the traffic is being blocked because of a football game, on which nothing depends.

That is why I would probably vote for the greens at these elections. Them I understand - what they're fighting for 0 if not silence, at least clean air so that the throats of the school-leavers open better!