Cause and Effect in European Politics and Law

For my grandchildren

Hristina Mincheva*, March 10, 2010

Probably you haven't paid attention to one not very big protest of a group of mothers against the changes in the GMO legislation of Bulgaria. If you haven't, one reason could be that this protest was another one in a series of small demonstrations of small groups, interested in our daily life, not matter how difficult and time-eating it might be, and in our future which will be our legacy for our children. euinside is publishing herewith an essay of one of the participants in the protest, because we believe that our inaction today could prove our responsibility tomorrow. And if nothing else, we hope that at least this could make us think about it and then, lead us to action.

"Forgive me that I read nothing about genetically modified organisms. In the days I was trying to ensure food for my family. In the evenings I tried nothing, just watched the TV. At nights I slept. Now it appears that I was asleep all the time. I ignored the interviews of some crazy people, who were protesting for hours in the middle of winter ..., who wrote some petitions. I promised a friend of mine to sign a petition but I did not even read it.

I thought about my boss. I made plans for money, I met with friends for a beer. We all used to boast with the tomatoes we grew, with the salads we made, with the salami we produced ... but no one actually realised that all this was not given to us for granted - so that we could consume it in such a stupid way. We did not even suspect that we should protect it ...

They took it from us! No one realised that the chemically dirty air and soil, our dirty blood remained back in the time, just as a child song, before the changes in our genes, which started when the state permitted the cultivation of genetically modified crops ... Just now my self-protection instinct started to function ... I see how the old "diseases" have disappeared ... We don't live long enough for them ... I see mass deformities ... I see deformed lungs and livers, red blood cells, kidneys ... our bodies do not function any more, our brains - even longer ago ...

We could not stop the wind, and no matter how many insects and birds we killed, we could not deal with the spread of genetic terminators - super herbicides, super weeds, super viruses, super bacteria, super damaged people ... all the same. All of us, together ... Bulgaria is enslaved by a foreign company for a long time - a victim of wrong laws, a convict of our laziness ... Irreversibility is our curse. A "sorry" will not return us back in 2010 ... Forgive me!"

*The name is fake as this was the author's wish