Cause and Effect in European Politics and Law

Could the "Borilski" file envoke the "Veronica Guerin" type of change in Bulgaria?

Adelina Marini, April 27, 2009

The discussions about the "Borilski" file have become more frequent and public which is another proof why Bulgaria for years has problems with its judiciary system and cannot reform it in spite the efforts of the European Commission and the threats for freeze of more European funds. But as the talking becomes more and louder I start thinking that this story might provoke the turn that followed the murder of Veronica Guerin in Ireland on the 26th of June 1996.

The story of the Irish journalist lead not only to awakening of the civil society in Ireland but also to a change in the Constitution of the country. Everything starts when Veronica Guerin, who worked with "The Sunday Independent" makes shocking revelations about an influential drug boss who had been doing whatever he wanted in Dublin and no one every tried to stop him. Months after the revelations, Veronica Guerin was found shot dead in her car. This lead to daily protests of thousands of people who wanted the government to deal with the drug dealers and their masters. In the end the Irish Parliament voted a change in the Constitution which allowed freeze of bank assets of drug bosses.

Is is possible the "Borilski" file to awaken the civil society in Bulgaria as well as the Parliament so that the so desperately awaited reform in the judiciary happens? The question now is that even after an answer is found we will have to ask the next question, even more close to the Veronica Guerin case and that is about our drug bosses and other criminal elements, called with the regal name oligarchs.