Cause and Effect in European Politics and Law

Budgetary exercises and sweet dreams

Adelina Marini, June 3, 2009

It looks as if the "favourite newspaper of the people" "Trud" (Labour) has turned into an official newspaper since every statesman in the country, whenever he has something to say, does it through the paper. Today it's the minister of finance Plamen Oresharski's turn, although he is far from elaborate. In an amazingly short article, given the issue, the minister tells us that we can sleep calmly because, yes, it's true that the revenue has diminished this year but only by 5.4% in comparison to last year, and "that is an extraordinary achievement in comparison to the other 26 member states". Oresharski also explains that the revenue is diminishing because of the VAT, because the economic activity also is slowing down as well as the import.

And some more relief - by April the government has spent 27.7% of the planned for the year expenditures. For the same period of last year 27.2% had been spent or, in other words, the government is spending according to the plan. And more: "We cannot cut from healthcare, education or social policy. The only serious expenditures are the money for construction and repairs. But it was the business that welcomed the ideas as part of the anti-crisis measures? In the end of the day, if we generalize the criticism, we will see that it is nothing more than consecutive pre-electoral talking".

But given the fact that Plamen Oresharski is preparing to be a majority candidate for the elections from Kyustendil or Burgas, how can we be certain that his words aren't pre-election attempt for relief? Furthermore, this is the minister that doesn't like to communicate with media and doesn't think it necessary to explain to society what is happening with its money. So, good people, there's money, action!