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From Croatian Media: Putin Is Trying To Recreate the Soviet Union

Adelina Marini, March 4, 2014

Putin is turning into a crime version of Leonid Brezhnev, wrote in a comment [in Croatian language] Davor Butkovic, a columnist with the Croatian daily Jutarnji list. He recalls that the doctrine of limited sovereignty was typical for the former Warsaw Pact. It is also the foundation of the Soviet Union. The columnist makes a comparison between Putin's actions in the Crimea and Milosevic's actions in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina in the early 1990s. "Moscow has no right to even attempt to justify its occupational ambitions with concern about the Russians in the Crimea because, as we know, Slobodan Milosevic tried to occupy Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina with the argument to protect the Serbs in Croatia and BiH".

According to Davor Butkovic, it is completely clear that the Russians on the Crimea want to become part of Russia and therefore of the updated Soviet Union, however, the Serbs in Knin and Vukovar, too, wanted to remain in Yugoslavia. "The current situation on the Crimea is crystal clear: Russia is an occupier who deserves all possible sanctions (and deep disdain). Any understanding of the Russian occupation of the Crimea, as such trends, regretfully, are growing in the Croatian public domain as well, is absolutely the same as showing understanding for the attempts to occupy Croatia more than twenty years ago", the columnist of Jutarnji list writes.

"In Ukraine, the West no longer has a right to error, no matter if it is about a victory of the civilisational values or a general economic improvement and Russia has to be offered one more occasion in the country, which she can never be completely driven out of, to cooperate in the fight for progress, cooperation and protection of national and community security. Croatia should not involve itself in any fawning applause nor in provincial Balkan sulking. In this moment, EU and Washington need Croatia as an example and source of democracy, economic upsurge and dignity for every one, ideas and minorities. Croatia should not behave like a Balkan kingdom of arrogant politicians, who lead private wars, destroy the economy, speak about hatred, revenge and ideological and religious exceptionality. Croatia should not give reason to those who are still against Ukraine's accession to the EU to claim that these provincial countries from the verge of clashing worlds should never ever be allowed in the European elite society", wrote [in Croatian language] Drazen Vukov Colic in tportal.

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