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Police in Zagreb on Alert because of a Series of Explosions

Adelina Marini, January 11, 2013

new 18:50 Earlier information that the perpetrator of the Zagreb explosions is clear, have not been officially confirmed. Police claim they still have no suspects.

new 14:00 The perpetrator of the two explosions in Zagreb is the man who was injured during last night's incident in the western part of the city, local media reported. For now his motives remain unclear.

The silent and calm Zagreb is on alert now, while there is a risk of mass fear because of a series of explosions this week. The first incident took place on Wednesday early morning at the most used railway route in Croatia in the western part of the Croatian capital city, in the area of Podsused. An amateur explosive device exploded around 3 o'clock in the morning on Wednesday beside the railway right when a freight train with three carriages passed over it. There were no casualties during the incident, but some of the nearby buildings ended up with their windows broken and with scared inhabitants. The police were reviewing the area for almost 12 hours, and transport on the railway was suspended, as well as on the boulevard which runs in parallel to the railway, "Bologna Alley". The investigators and also many security experts immediately rejected the possibility of a terrorist act because they said many of the elements for terrorism were absent and the device was pretty amateur.

The news was a leading one for many TV stations in their evening programmes and although the others also paid a lot of attention, the news quickly faded away. On the next day it was replaced by others, more important for the Croatian society events. Until midnight last night (on Thursday) when again in the same area, but a little closer to the city centre there was another explosion. Again on the "Alley Bologna" boulevard, near the railway and a bus stop. One man was injured during the explosion. He was waiting at the bus station. His life is out of danger, local media reported. The incident happened in the neighbourhood where I live, so I heard the explosion in my sleep. The area was again blocked by the police in the morning and transport on the boulevard and the railway was suspended. Later the traffic was restored, but as the police review was still going on, pedestrians were not allowed to pass near the explosion area.

Now the police are no longer sure that this is not about a terrorist act, although still certain elements are missing, experts commented. For example, still there is no motive, no responsibility is taken, and the devices are made by amateurs.

And if the first explosion was qualified as a hooligan activity, now citizens and the police are on alert. Earlier today in another area in Zagreb there was alert and the area was blocked because of a suspicious box found in a public garage. The box was found by the cleaning woman in the garage. She immediately alerted the police and explosion specialists were quick to respond. Fortunately, it seems it was a false alarm which, however, shows that tension in the calm Croatian capital is growing.

For now there are no suspects for the explosions. The state-owned HRT TV reported, quoting unnamed sources, that the police were interrogating 14 people in relation to the explosions, who, though, are not considered suspects. Earlier in the day there were reports of local people that the explosions last night were more than one, but for now this version is not officially confirms. Some media report that two more devices were found, but this too is unconfirmed.

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